Our Winery

Our winery is located near Kalamata, the capital of the prefecture of Messinia and specifically opposite its airport. It is built on 1.8 acres (7,500 m²) and is easy to access for those who wish to visit it. It is equipped with stainless steel fermentation and storage tanks with double cooling jackets, winemakers, and cold maceration tanks. The grapes harvested are carried out only in crates after checking the suitability of the product in the vineyard. There is also a sorting conveyor-belt bringing the grapes to the destemmer, where the stems are separated from the berries.

The resulting grape-must is pumped either to the press machine or the wine-making and cold maceration tanks. Temperatures are regulated through electronic thermometers and solenoid valves. Moreover, the press is controlled by computer to select the appropriate pressure program. The winery also has a refrigeration unit for controlling fermentations and stabilizing the wine. The fermentation and extraction process are carried out in the optimal way, as we have the most modern equipment, as well as the technical knowledge and experience from more than forty years in the winemaking industry.

"Life is too short to drink cheap wine."

- by Cliff Hakim

Afterwards, the product is either available for immediate consumption or stored in the winery's underground wine cellar, where it ages in oak barrels and bottles. The products are available on the market in various packages, besides our standard 0.75 L bottle depending on customer preference. Tsavolakis Ioannis & Co. Winery is currently asserting its share in the expanding market of quality wine.

Available Packages

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