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Are you an experienced wine taster in search for quality wines made by experienced hands that embody tradition in the field of wine? Perhaps a curious visitor, who wishes to discover the authentic flavors of the area? Maybe an amateur of fine wine, who at the same time respects the environment and prioritizes quality products? Whatever your status is, welcome to BIOVIN – Tsavolakis Wines winery website!

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the winemaking process

Tsavolakis Wines - Winemaking process

Harvesting the grapes

The first step in wine production is the harvest. It is the most crucial process as the grapes must be picked at the right moment, after a lengthy ripening process on the vine, to bring out their flavors and aromas. For this reason, we conduct, in consultation with the producers we collaborate with, checks and measurements in each vineyard to choose the most suitable harvest date, thus ensuring the highest quality of raw material. Additionally, we stand alongside the producer throughout the year to ensure the best performance of their production.

Crushing and Pressing

ΜAfter the harvest, the grapes are delivered to our winery exclusively in crates. Once sorted, it is time to remove the stems from the clusters, and then the fruits are crushed. Traditionally, this process used to be done using our feet, but today we use the most modern machinery and equipment.


Afterwards, the grape-must is transferred to stainless steel tanks where fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature. Conditions are adjusted according to the variety and desired result. After fermentation, it's time for filtering. This is the process during which tannins, proteins and dead yeast are removed from the wine through appropriate procedures and filtration.

Aging and Bottling

The final stage of this process is the aging and/or bottling of the wine. White and rosé wines are usually bottled right after the above procedures, while red wines are primarily transferred to our cellar, where they mature in oak barrels before being bottled.

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Biovin Winery
Biovin Winery


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